Eight things to do during lockdown

Eight things to do during lockdown

As residents in the metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire settle into the six-week lockdown, we thought it would be fitting to list eight things that you can do now during Melbourne’s lockdown. 

1. Find a hidden gem 
Explore your local neighbourhood on foot or by bike. You’ll be surprised at what you might find: new takeaway coffee shops, street art, historic buildings, and monuments. Did you know that you can still rent or hire bikes? Companies like Freddy’s Bike Tours are still open during the lockdown

2. Exercise at your local park 
Even though playgrounds are closed, parks are still open. You can take a walk around your local park or kick a ball. Just remember to observe the social distancing rules. For more information, visit Parks Victoria or check out your local council’s website. 

3. Visit your dentist 

Since dental treatment is essential, MC Dental will remain open during the lockdown. Rest assured MC Dental is taking extra measures to ensure the health and safety of patients and staff. If you’re due for a check-up and clean or an examination, then please don’t delay your appointment. Our experienced dentists can detect serious issues, such as tooth decay before it gets worse. If you have an emergency, such as a toothache, lost filling, chipped or loose tooth, please don’t hesitate to book online or call 8608-8968.

4. Camp in your backyard. 

Camping in the backyard was very popular in the first lockdown. It’s an excellent opportunity for young family members to practice and prepare safe camping for future regional camping trips. To get some ideas and tips, visit the Facebook group Backyard Campsite.

5. Binge on the Melbourne Documentary Film festival. 

The Melbourne Documentary Festival is streaming for its 2020 edition and has been extended to August 2. The festival is proudly supporting Australian content and gender equality. Prices range from $8 (1 stream), $35 (5 streams), $65 (10 streams) and $100 (entire festival list). To check out the lineup, visit the MDFF website.  

6. Take an interactive virtual self-guided tour 

You can see some of the most significant exhibitions in Melbourne right now in the comfort of your home or private space. Currently, screening is Japanese Modernism, Lucy Mcrae Body Art, Indigenous Art, Olympia, Keith Haring, and many more. For additional information, visit The National Gallery of Victoria.

7. Visit the beach 

There’s nothing like salty fresh air! You can still stroll along the beach or walking path. Visit the council website for information regarding restrictions, especially when visiting the beach with a dog. Tip: Support the local community and order some takeaway.  Cerberus Beach House, in Black Rock, is famous for their takeaway fish and chips.

8. Lodge your tax return 

Probably the least exciting activity on the list, but certainly an important one! Did you know that you can organise your receipts on the ATO app? Visit the ATO website for more information. 

Well, we hope that you enjoyed reading about eight things that you can do now during Melbourne’s lockdown. Whatever you choose to do during the six week lockdown, remember to wash your hands!