CEREC crowns & bridges in Melbourne

Dental crowns and dental bridge

Fast dental crowns and bridges with CEREC technology in Melbourne

CEREC crowns & bridges

Did you know MC Dental can make custom crowns in as little as an hour? MC Dental has an on-site CEREC© system that allows a crown, inlay or onlay to be replaced in as little as an hour. That’s right –no more multiple visits to complete a replacement job. We make it so easy and convenient, with results to smile about!

CEREC at our Melbourne Central city clinic.

At our Melbourne Central clinic, the CEREC© system provides outstanding results. Instead of sending a dental impression to an external lab, we now have the equipment and expertise to produce crowns, inlays or onlays onsite. This saves you time and the inconvenience of wearing a temporary crown. It can all be completed in one visit, making it possible to walk out the door the same day with your beautiful new smile.

We use the latest digital impression technology to help ensure that your new crown has a terrific fit. Plus, digital impression technology is much simpler than traditional methods and is a no-mess procedure.

Want to know more about crowns and bridges?
Crown and bridge dentistry is used to repair or replace defective or missing teeth. This may be due to trauma, decay, post-root canal treatment or for aesthetic purposes.

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Dental Crowns

Crowns are caps that are permanently bonded to a damaged tooth. In many cases, especially after root canal treatment, a crown is often the best way to save and strengthen a tooth. The crown fits over the tooth’s core and replaces the natural crown, the part of the tooth that can be seen above the gums. Crowns are covered in a thin layer of colour-matched porcelain to mask the repair and match the look of your existing teeth.

We recommend reaching out to MC Dental for a comprehensive dental solution tailored to your specific requirements on dental crow and other types of cosmetic dentistry. It’s worth booking an appointment today to explore details such as the cost of dental crowns in Melbourne, the various types of dental crowns available, and the steps needed to achieve that flawless smile and long-lasting dental well-being.

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Dental Bridge

Bridges are one way of replacing one or more missing teeth without using a denture or dental implant. The procedure is very similar to crown preparation but involves more teeth. It is a false tooth held in place by a tooth next door. Reach out to the friendly team at MC Dental and we will provide you with all the information you’re curious about, like how long does dental brigde last? And what potential downsides there might be with teeth crowns on teeth, if any.

Our dentists, nurses, and receptionists are incredibly compassionate, caring, and friendly. Their main goal is to ensure every patient feels safe, comfortable, and relaxed during any procedure, whether it’s getting crowns, bridges, or any other cosmetic dentistry work done.

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Dental crowns and bridges in Melbourne

At MC Dental, we love providing our Melbourne patients with better solutions to common dental ailments. Feel free to click the link below to book your dentist appointment online or simply give us a call 03 8608 8968. At MC Dental, we provide dental crown and bridge services at four conveniently located dental clinics throughout Melbourne. What’s more, we’re here for you seven days a week with extended hours. With a team of over 25 dentists who speak 12 different languages, you can be confident that we have a dentist near you who can expertly care for your dental health.

We provide dental care for the whole family, where everyone is welcome. MC Dental even offer discounts for students and pensioners, and we take great care to provide professional and gentle dental care for kids. All of this right here in beautiful Melbourne, ensuring you have access to top-notch dental care seven days a week. Visit out dental clinics and meet the dentists with the most wonderful smile you’ve ever seen.



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For more information on crowns, bridges, or payment plans, please call MC Dental at (03) 8608 8968.