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Docklands dental - MC Dental dentist near Marvel Stadium Melbourne

Free parking at Marvel Stadium

Book a dentist appointment at MC Dental Docklands and receive complimentary parking at Marvel Stadium. T&Cs apply. We welcome your enquiry about this everyday offer. 

*T&Cs: Complimentary parking is valid with an MC Dental Docklands appointment. The complimentary parking ticket will be issued on the same day as the appointment. Patients must collect their parking tickets from MC Dental Docklands reception.

Our Melbourne Docklands dental clinic won’t be responsible for lost parking tickets. Please click the button below to book a dentist at MC Dental Docklands or call 8608-8970.

Note: The free parking ticket is not valid during Marvel Stadium’s event days. For more info, please speak to reception.


Best dentist in Docklands

MC Dental Docklands is located on the ground floor of the “M” building, right in the heart of the Docklands precinct next to Peppers Hotel and Marvel Stadium.

There is limited on-street parking. However, Marvel Stadium is the closest paid parking facility. If you park at Marvel Stadium, walk to the Gate 6 exit, which opens directly at the back of the “M” building. Walk through the “M” building’s ground floor retail zone to reach MC Dental facing La Trobe Street.

If you looking for Dentist in Melbourne CBD, you can also visit our MC Dental Melbourne Central clinic. All our offices offer range of dental services, emergency dental appointments and 15-minutes free dental consultations.

Please click the button below to book a dentist appointment at Docklands Dental or call 8608-8970.


Medibank provider dentist in MelbourneHCF provider dentist in provider dentist in MelbourneCBHS

All health funds welcome

All health funds are welcome at MC Dental Docklands. Plus, if you have extras cover with Medibank, HCF, CBHS or Smile, then you can receive the maximum rebate.

Simply bring your health fund card to your appointment, or put your health fund’s app on your phone, so that your claim can be processed on the spot – Easy and fast! Please click the button below to book a dentist appointment at MC Dental Docklands or call 8608-8970.



How do you find out if a dentist is good?

Finding a reliable and skilled dentist requires a combination of research, recommendations, and personal judgement. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you:

Qualifications and Training: Ensure the dentist has the necessary educational background and certifications. Advanced training in specific areas, like orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry, can be a bonus if you require such services.

Experience: While fresh graduates can be quite skilled, a dentist with years of experience might have handled a diverse range of dental issues and complex cases.

Patient Reviews: Platforms like Google Reviews, Yelp, and specialised dental forums can offer a glimpse into patient experiences. While a couple of negative reviews might not be alarming, a pattern of complaints could be a red flag.

Clinic Environment: A clean, well-organised clinic with modern equipment suggests that the dentist values patient care and stays updated with the latest in dental technology.

Recommendations: Word-of-mouth referrals from friends, family, or colleagues can be invaluable. They provide an unfiltered account of their experience with a particular dentist.

Communication Skills: During an initial consultation or check-up, evaluate how the dentist communicates. They should listen to your concerns, answer questions patiently, and explain procedures clearly.

Availability: Depending on your schedule, you might want a dentist who offers evening or weekend appointments.

Insurance and Payment Options: A good dentist will often provide clarity on accepted insurance plans and offer flexible payment options for treatments not covered.

Last but not least, trust your instincts. Your comfort and confidence in a dentist are paramount. By combining objective research with your personal feelings, you’ll be better equipped to find a dentist that meets your needs.

How much is a root canal in Melbourne?

The cost of a root canal in Melbourne can vary significantly based on several factors:

Tooth Location: Front teeth, which have one canal, generally cost less than molars, which can have up to three canals. More canals mean a more extended, more complex procedure.

Complexity of the Case: The difficulty of the procedure can influence the price. For instance, a tooth with curved or narrow canals might require more time and specialised equipment.

Geographic Location: Prices may also vary within Melbourne itself, with clinics in prime locations or upscale suburbs possibly charging more.

Additional Procedures: Costs can increase if other procedures are needed, such as post-root canal restorations like crowns.

On average, you might expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 for a root canal in Melbourne, but these are rough estimates. For a precise figure tailored to your specific situation, it’s best to consult directly with the dental clinic that you want to engage with.

Always make sure you’re getting a comprehensive quote that includes all potential associated costs to avoid unexpected expenses later.

Which is more painful tooth extraction or filling?

The experience of pain during dental procedures largely depends on the individual and the specifics of their dental issue. Here’s a comparative look:

Procedure Nature:

Tooth Filling: During a filling, decayed parts of the tooth are removed, and the tooth is then filled with a restorative material. With proper anaesthesia, you should feel pressure but not pain during the procedure. Some sensitivity or discomfort may follow but usually resolves in a few days.

Tooth Extraction: This involves removing a tooth entirely from its socket. The process is more invasive than a filling. After numbing the area, you might feel pressure but not pain. Post-extraction, it’s normal to experience some pain and swelling, which can be managed with painkillers and aftercare instructions.

Pain Management: Both procedures are performed under local anaesthesia, ensuring the area is numb. It’s essential to communicate any discomfort during the process so that the dentist can make necessary adjustments.

Post-Procedure Recovery:

Tooth Filling: Mild sensitivity or discomfort can be expected, especially when consuming hot or cold foods. This typically decreases after a few days.

Tooth Extraction: Recovery usually involves more pronounced pain and swelling. It’s crucial to follow post-operative care to ensure proper healing and minimise discomfort. There might also be dietary restrictions for a few days.

Individual Factors: Pain perception varies widely among individuals. Factors like pain tolerance, anxiety levels, and the extent of the dental issue play a role in how pain is perceived.

In summary, while fillings are generally less painful and involve a shorter recovery period than extractions, every person’s experience is unique. It’s always best to discuss any concerns or fears with your dentist to ensure a comfortable experience.

How can I get free dental in Australia?

Free or subsidised dental care in Australia is available, though often limited to specific eligibility criteria:

Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS): This government program provides access to dental services for eligible children aged 2-17 years. It covers up to $1,000 over two calendar years for basic dental services, including cleanings, fillings, and extractions.

Public Dental Services: Each state and territory in Australia offers public dental services. These are generally provided at a lower cost, and in some cases, they can be free. Eligibility usually depends on holding a certain type of concession card, like a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card.

Public Dental Schools: Some universities with dental programs offer dental treatments performed by supervised students at reduced rates or for free. This option can be beneficial for those who don’t urgently need care and are open to being treated by student dentists.

Community Health Centres: Some local community health centres provide free or low-cost dental care for eligible patients. Services and eligibility criteria vary between centres.

Medicare: While Medicare doesn’t cover most dental care, it does fund specific dental services for some children and adults under specific conditions. It’s essential to check current Medicare guidelines for more details.

Do you have emergency dental in Melbourne CBD?

Absolutely! If you find yourself with a dental emergency in either Docklands or Melbourne CBD, prompt attention is crucial. MC Dental operates two strategically located clinics:

MC Dental Melbourne Central on La Trobe St

MC Dental Docklands on La Trobe St

Immediate Assistance: Call MC Dental on 03 8608 8969 – we are open 7 days a week!

For Efficient Care: We recommend contacting our clinics in advance to describe the details of your dental emergency. By doing so, our team will be prepared and ready to provide prompt assistance upon your arrival.

How do I find MC Dental Docklands?

Docklands wayfinding map

Exit the station and follow the footpath beside NAB building and stadium. Enter the “M building” and locate MC Dental on the La Trobe St frontage.

Exit the tram stop on La Trobe St (Stop D1 Stadium Precinct).

Enter the Marvel Car Park via Bourke St or Wurundjeri Way (car park fees apply). Walk to the Gate 6 exit and enter the “M building.” Don’t forget to ask Reception for your discount parking ticket.


How do I find an MC Dental near me?

Good news! We now have 6 locations across Melbourne, making it even easier to find a dentist near you that’s part of the MC Dental Group.

Docklands, Melbourne Central, Glen Waverley, Highpoint, Doncaster and Brighton. For more info, visit our Locations page.

Visit your family Docklands dentist: MC Dental Clinic, Shop 10, 677 La Trobe Street, conveniently positioned close to Marvel Stadium in the “M building”. You can call us on 03 8608-8970, 7 days a week.