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Why choose a custom-fitted sports mouthguard?

In Australia, there are two standard mouthguards; the stock boil and bite mouthguard found at pharmacy stores and the custom-fitted sports mouthguard made at your dentist’s clinic.

Mouthguards sold at many pharmacy stores come in sizes for juniors, youths, and adults. However, the self-fitted, over-the-counter, ‘boil and bite mouthguards are not explicitly designed for everyone. Most people do not have perfect teeth. The over-the-counter mouthguard may not fit your teeth and gums snugly. The mouthguards may be roomy, loose, and can displace during play which is harmful and can cause dental injury.

MC Dental’s custom-fitted sports mouthguards are made when taking impressions of the teeth and gums. You can rest assured that your custom-made sports mouthguard will give your teeth and gums maximum protection from a sports injury.

Custom Mouthguard Video

In this video, our lovely Kelli Stevens explains the significance of wearing a custom sports mouthguard. Take a moment to watch and discover why it’s essential for everyone to wear custom-made mouthguards during sports activities.

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Who should wear sports mouthguards?

Players 6+ years old are encouraged to wear sports mouthguards when playing or training. MC Dental is seeing patients that play high-contact sports such as football, rugby, and hockey and low-contact sports such as basketball, cricket, and netball. Injuries are not limited to the type of sport. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends wearing a custom-fitted sports mouthguard instead of an over-the-counter pharmacy mouthguard.




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The benefits of custom-fitted sports mouthguards

Two dental professionals will oversee the impressions and moulding of your new custom mouthguard. During a routine dental check-up and clean, the dentist can check the sports mouthguard for wear and tear.

  • The dentist takes impressions of teeth and gums
  • A mouthguard is custom-made by a qualified dentist
  • Lab double-checks impressions
  • Maximum protection 
  • Regulated by professional
  • Customised to match your team colours (speak to a dentist about options) 

Custom mouthguard FAQ

What is the average price of a sports custom mouthguard?

The average price of a custom-fit sports mouthguard varies depending on factors such as materials used and customization requirements. Generally, our prices start at $240. Some Private Health Insurance providers, such as Medibank and Bupa, cover the cost of custom-fit sports mouthguard. It will be great to check with your Health Fund provider for the policy. MC Dental strives to provide affordable options without compromising on quality. During a consultation, our experienced team will examine your needs and provide an accurate cost estimate. Additional features like team logos or personalized designs may affect the price. Investing in a custom-made sports mouthguard is a wise choice as it protects your teeth during contact sports activities and helps prevent potential costly dental treatments in the future. Please contact our Melbourne dental clinics for details.

Which type of sports mouth guard is most effective?

When it comes to effectiveness, custom-fit sports mouthguards are considered the most effective type. Custom fit mouthguards are designed specifically for your mouth, providing great fit, comfort, and protection. This personalized fit ensures optimal coverage and cushioning, reducing the risk of dental injuries during sports activities. Custom fit mouthguards also allow for easy breathing and speaking, enhancing your overall performance. While store-bought or boil-and-bite mouthguards offer some level of protection, they can lack the precise fit and individual customization that custom-made mouthguards provide. Therefore, for optimum performance and protection, we recommend investing in a custom fit sports mouthguard.

Do custom mouthguards work in sports?

Yes, mouthguards serve as a protective barrier for your teeth, gums, and jaw during sports. They help absorb and distribute the impact of force, reducing the risk of dental injuries such as chipped or broken teeth, tooth loss, soft tissue damage and minimizing the likelihood of jaw fractures and concussion. Additionally, mouthguards can help stabilize the jaw joint and protect orthodontic appliances, like braces, from damage. By wearing a proper custom fitted mouthguard, athletes and people who love contact sports can significantly decrease the chance of dental trauma and safeguard their oral health.

How long do dental mouthguards last?

How long dental mouthguards last varies depending on how often it’s used, the intensity of sports activities, and how well it’s taken care of.

Typically, a well-maintained mouthguard lasts between one to three years. It’s important to regularly check for signs of wear, like thinning, holes, or distortion. If you notice any damage or if the mouthguard doesn’t fit well anymore, it’s recommended to replace it promptly for continued protection.

Growing up, changes in teeth, or dental treatments may also require a new mouthguard for a good fit. If in doubt, please consult your dentists.

What sports need mouthguards?

We recommend using custom-fit sports mouthguards for the following sports:
– Football
– Cricket
– Baseball
– Basketball
– Netball
– Hockey
– Ice Hockey
– Softball
– Water polo
– Gymnastics

These contact sports involve varying levels of physical contact and potential risk of dental injuries, making a custom-fit sports mouthguard essential for protecting your teeth, gums, and jaw during physical activities. By wearing a custom-fit mouthguard, you can enjoy these sports with peace of mind, knowing that your oral health is safeguarded.