How to get white teeth

Teeth whitening procedures are among the most common reasons people visit cosmetic dentists, with the objective of restoring the natural whiteness of the teeth and boosting self-confidence, along with other long-lasting benefits.

Benefits of teeth whitening

A white smile is commonly associated with good health and beauty, and studies have found that people tend to respond more favourably when interacting with other people who have bright smiles and evenly shaped teeth. People who are confident about their teeth smile more often, which can improve their mood and have positive consequences in both their professional and personal lives. Having your teeth whitened is a simple and painless way to achieve natural whiteness in your smile.

Teeth whitening methods

Teeth whitening treatments can be performed in clinics or at home, using over the counter or prescription products. In-office bleaching is generally recommended over whitening strips and other home remedies, as you will benefit from the professional expertise of a trained cosmetic dentist and minimise the risk of something going wrong. Compared to home treatments, cosmetic dentistry is also faster and may be done in a single session, sometimes taking as little as 30 minutes. Your dentist may also be able to provide home teeth whitening kits containing peroxide, which offer more effective results than whitening strips.

Visit a cosmetic dentist in Melbourne

Melbourne Central Dental offers a range of cosmetic dental treatments and general dental services in Melbourne, including teeth whitening, sleep dentistry and implants.

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First published: 06 November 2014

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