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I completed a Bachelor of Oral Health In Dental Science and a Master of Dentistry at Griffith University whilst writing research on newly discovered dental diseases.

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, and moving to Australia in 2001, the ability to speak more than one language benefited my work in many ways, particularly for those who did not speak English or preferred someone who spoke Arabic. Language is at the forefront of how we communicate. It is simply not enough to deliver services without effectively communicating to the patients why they need a filling or a crown. I have found that providing excellent treatment to my patients and communicating effectively on preventing illnesses in the future is essential. Consequently, this has substantially affected patients’ overall health awareness and quality.

General Dentistry Treatments
– Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays
– Space maintainers, Mouth Guards
– Dentures
Wisdom teeth oral surgery
– Periodontal management (gum disease)
– General sedation and Implant placement

Dental Treatment Interests
– All aspects of dentistry have a special place, and there is not one area of dentistry I avoid. However, I take particular interest in providing long-term fixed solutions for my patients and pain management, whether crown and bridge work or wisdom teeth removal.
– I apply all aspects of dentistry holistically; given the current downhill trend, it is better to treat the cause and the disease rather than just the latter. As general practitioners, it is important to understand why and how?

If you need an Arabic speaking dentist in Melbourne, book Dr Ahmed. Dr Ahmed can speak fluent English and Arabic.