Bad habits for teeth

Ok confession time, we’ve ALL been guilty at one point or another of doing something that wasn’t great for our teeth. Sometimes we even do things without realising the potential danger it poses to our pearly whites. At MC Dental we want you to keep your beautiful smile for life, so here’s a round-up of some naughty habits (The good news is, they’re habits that are easy to kick!)

Don’t bite your nails. Your mum was right, you should stop biting your nails and not just because of the effect on your nails. Nail biting can wear down the enamel and even cause a chipped tooth.

Consumption of hidden sugar including sports drinks and cough lollies. People are really starting to clue on to the concept of hidden sugar but there still remains a few “unlikely suspects” that can catch us by surprise such as cough lollies. Try to minimise sugary snacks and if you do have something sweet then wash sugar away from your teeth afterwards with a good drink of water (not soft drink or a sports drink). But of course while water is good for a quick mouth rinse, a good brushing routine is key to a thorough clean.

Heavy brushing. Wait, what?! Yes really, brushing can be bad for your teeth if you don’t do it right. If you brush too hard you can wear off the enamel from your teeth and cause gums to recede. Not good! Treat your teeth right with gentle strokes.

Using your teeth like a swiss army knife. Have you ever gnawed a plastic clothing tag off in your rush to try on your new purchase? Well, you guessed it, it’s bad for your teeth. Add an extra 30 seconds to your efforts and fetch a pair of scissors to use instead.

Chewing ice cubes. Ice is hard, very hard, and while it may be fun to chew it on a hot Summer’s day, ice is best left to melt in your drink. Chewing ice cubes can break teeth and fillings, turning your Summer day of relaxation into a horrible dental emergency.
So if you (like most people) find yourself guilty of one or more of the above, choose today to make a change that will positively impact the health of your smile and give that naughty habit the flick.


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First published: 06 November 2014

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