sports mouthguards from a dentist

Here comes another year of exciting sport. Whether it’s Summer sport, Winter sport, indoor sport or outdoor sport, mouthguards are an important barrier against dental damage.

So what is the key difference between an over the counter mouthguard and a mouthguard purchased through a dentist?

Well, a dentist will take a mould of your teeth to produce a mouthguard with a custom fit that provides the best possible protection and comfort.

An over the counter mouthguard may not provide the level of protection needed because from person to person there’s a lot of variation in the structure of our mouths. The optimum scenario is to source a mouthguard through a dentist.

But do you really, honestly need a mouthguard?

If you value your teeth, your smile and your jaw then it’s a big YES to wearing a mouthguard. The website has some interesting statistics on dental injuries:

Accidents when cycling, skateboarding and scooter riding account for about 44 per cent of dental injuries.
Sports such as football, boxing, basketball, netball, cricket, hockey and soccer account for up to 14 per cent of dental injuries.
Put simply, any activity with a high risk of contact from other players, equipment or the ground is made more safe by using safety equipment. A mouthguard is just another piece of equipment designed to keep you safe.

A custom made mouthguard should be completely comfortable to wear.

Now for the fun part, design! There are many colours and styles to choose from with a custom mouthguard. Sport enthusiasts can coordinate their mouthguard with their team uniform. A fun colour themed mouthguard can also make children that little bit less apprehensive about using one.

The team at MC Dental does a lot of custom mouthguard moulding and fitting. If you or your children need a custom mouthguard then simply ask your dentist for further information at your next visit or call and speak to our friendly Reception Team today on 8608 8968.

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