Rethink that sugary drink

Drink water for healthy teethWhilst most of us are all still in the spirit of making New Years resolutions, MC Dental would like to point out a great website that helps people make the switch from drinking sugary drinks, to quenching their thirst with water. Water is a great choice for your teeth. The rest of your body will love you for making the switch too!

“Rethink Sugary Drink” ( seeks to demystify the sugar content of drinks, which often isn’t immediately clear to consumers in a way that resonates on a real-world level.

"Rethink Sugary Drink" puts the number of teaspoons of sugar in a 600ml bottle of soft drink into frightening perspective: With 16 teaspoons of sugar you’d have to run a staggering 3km to burn it off. Blimey!

Drinking a can of soft drink each day significantly increases the risk of tooth decay and erosion. Simply put, the negatives of consuming sugary drinks stack up way too high and set off alarm bells for long term health.

At MC Dental we’re all about helping you achieve your healthiest, most beautiful smile. We give a big thumbs-up to drinking water.

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Created: 21 January 2016