Do you know how important baby teeth are?

The Australian Dental Association recommends your child’s first dental visit is within six months of the eruption of their first tooth, or by their first birthday.

It can be easy to let this appointment pass by –After all, they’re only baby teeth right? But what parents need to know is that baby teeth play a vital role in preparing the way for adult teeth. Baby teeth, or primary teeth as they’re officially known, also help your child learn to chew and speak properly. Your dentist is the best person to examine your child’s primary teeth and identify any potential issues. Early intervention can save your baby from later difficulties. In most cases it’s a simple, quick and non-invasive visit where your baby will enjoy the special attention.

At MC Dental our friendly team of dentists are not just great at working with children – they’re brilliant with babies and infants too! Phone the clinic on 8608 8968 today to book your child’s primary teeth check.

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Created: 06 November 2014