Choosing between implants or dentures

If you have missing teeth or other dental issues, speaking to a dentist in Melbourne CBD or your local area about treatment options could help you decide whether dentures or implants are the most suitable choice for you.

Benefits of dentures

Missing or damaged teeth can be unsightly and change the way people respond to someone, which is why dentures have long been used as a practical method of filling gaps or replacing entire sets of teeth. Modern dentures look just like the real thing and are more comfortable than in previous decades. When fitted correctly they can greatly enhance your appearance, restoring fullness to cheeks and avoiding the sunken look. The practical benefits of dentures are that they make processes such as eating easier and more comfortable for wearers. If dentures sound like the right option for you, come and visit your local dentist in Melbourne CBD.

Benefits of implants

Dentures are not suitable for everyone however, and can sometimes be a source of embarrassment when they produce clicking sounds during conversations or come loose, which is why many people opt for dental implants as a more permanent alternative. Implants do not need to be removed frequently and also allow people to talk without impairment and to enjoy a more varied diet than people wearing dentures. Dental implants are available in different materials and will need to be professionally fitted by a dentist in Melbourne CBD or wherever your local dentist resides.

Dentist Melbourne CBD

Melbourne Central Dental are dedicated player in cosmetic dentistry and provide general dental services in Melbourne, offering treatments including dental implant fitting and teeth whitening.

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First published: 06 November 2014

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