Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth affect many people today, but not everyone understands what it is that causes this sensitivity, nor the ways that sensitivity can be prevented or treated.

Causes of sensitivity

One cause of tooth sensitivity, particularly amongst the younger generations, is fizzy drinks. Surprisingly, this also includes sparkling mineral waters, as this also contains carbonic acid, which can work to strip away the layers of enamel on the teeth, exposing the more sensitive parts below. Even an excessive amount of fruit can also strip away this enamel. Another cause of sensitive teeth is over-brushing of the teeth – so always make sure that your tooth-brushing technique is correct, and check with your dentist if you are unsure.

If you are experiencing pain and sensitivity, it is important also to check with your dentist that it is tooth sensitivity that is affecting you and not a cavity, as sometimes the symptoms can feel similar.

Prevention of sensitivity

The best prevention from getting sensitive teeth revolves around avoiding those acidic foods and drinks that tend to strip away the enamel from teeth, such as fizzy drinks, acidic fruit, and some wine.

Treatment for sensitivity

Thankfully, there has been some advancement in recent years in desensitising toothpastes, such as Sensodyne, that work to fill in the tiny pores that cause the pain of sensitive teeth, so trying one of these out could be a good option if you are feeling some pain. Another option is heading to your dentist, as they may be able to paint on a protective coating that will help prevent sensitivity.

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First published: 06 November 2014

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