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Earth Day (April 22nd) is a time to think about sustaining the things we love – our smiles AND our planet!

At MC Dental, we’re passionate about promoting healthy smiles and caring for our community. This Earth Day, we’re starting a conversation about eco-friendly oral care practices and raising awareness among our valued patients and followers.

We collected some interesting facts that may surprise you!
Yearly toothbrush usage:
In Australia, over 30 million toothbrushes are used and thrown away each year. This creates 1,000 tons of waste each year just from toothbrushes. Traditional plastic toothbrushes, usually made from polypropylene and nylon, can take up to 1,000 years to break down in landfills.


Recyclable toothpaste tubes:
Are you aware that some toothpaste tubes are now recyclable? Great news, isn’t it? Many consumers may not realise that certain toothpaste brands offer tubes that can be recycled, helping to reduce plastic waste. You can buy recyclable toothpaste tubes from supermarkets and pharmacies.
Turning off water for water conservation:
Turning off the tap while brushing can save up to 11,600 litres of water a year. Wow! This simple habit not only conserves water but also reduces our environmental footprint.
Alternative toothbrush options:
Toothbrushes made from recycled plastic and compostable bamboo are now available. These eco-friendly alternatives offer us a more sustainable choice for our oral care routine.

Community impact:
By adopting sustainable practices at home, individuals can lead by example and inspire others in their community to take action. Whether it’s participating in local recycling programs or advocating for eco-friendly initiatives, every small step towards sustainability makes a difference.

This Earth Day, let’s celebrate our planet together and explore ways to make a positive impact. By taking part in small steps, we can gradually create a healthier, more sustainable future for all, where healthy smiles and a thriving planet go hand in hand.

Happy Earth Day from all of us at MC Dental!

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