Dental FAQs

Dental FAQs

What days are your MC Dental clinics open?

All MC Dental clinics are open seven days a week (including most public holidays).

To book a dental appointment or for more information please visit the links below

Opening Hours  

Public Holiday Hours 

Where are your MC Dental clinics located in Melbourne? 

For information please visit our location page 

For information about parking and parking costs please visit the following clinic links 

MC Dental Melbourne Central

MC Dental Docklands

MC Dental Doncaster

Can a dentist help me with straightening my teeth?  

Yes, our dentists at MC Dental are trained in orthodontic care. We have many options including clear aligners, metal and clear braces. It would be best to book a complimentary orthodontic consultation with one of our dentists. For more info, please visit here. 

Do you have an orthodontist?

We have dentists who are trained in orthodontic treatments and care (clear aligners, metal braces, etc.) However, if you wish to see an orthodontist an MC dental dentist can refer you to an orthodontist during your general dental check-up. For more info, please visit here.

How much does it cost to get dental X-rays?

> From $42 each.

Please note fees vary for each clinic. For an accurate quote please contact the clinic directly.

Do you have bilingual dentists who speak Mandarin? 

Yes, at MC Dental, we have male and female dentists who speak Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Shanghainese. You can visit the dentists’ pages here.

Do you accept emergency urgent dental appointments? 

Yes, we are here for you! MC Dental allows last-minute emergency dental appointments. At MC Dental, we understand that accidents happen and you may need to see a dentist straight away. Please phone the clinic before booking online. The reception will do their best to book you in on the same day of your distress. For more info on dental emergencies, please visit here.

How much will a dental filling cost?

Many procedures, such as fillings can only be firmly quoted once the dentist has seen how much work is involved.  What we can do prior to your visit is advise a price range that covers the minimum and maximum amount you can expect to pay.  Once your dentist has thoroughly examined your mouth they will advise a firm quote before proceeding with your approval. For more info, please visit here. 

Do you provide dental care for patients covered under a health insurance policy?

Yes, our on-site HICAPS machine processes most health fund cards. Our clinics are also providers for a number of major health funds which means if you’re covered by one of those funds you are eligible for the maximum rebate offered by your policy. For more info, please visit here.

Do you know what is covered by my health insurance policy?

No, you will need to contact your private health fund provider for that information. 

Can I still visit your clinic if I don’t have private health insurance? 

Yes, MC Dental accepts patients who don’t have health insurance. You will be required to pay the full-service fee. Our dentist will outline any fees and charges before going ahead with a procedure. We also have payment plans available through ZipMoney.

Also, let reception know if you’re a full time or part-time student. Students who don’t have health insurance are entitled to a student 15% discount. 

How long is the initial appointment?

It may vary depending on your dental procedure, but generally speaking, the first appointment may involve a thorough examination, clean and x-rays. Our expert dentists will be checking the overall state of your oral health. X-rays help the dentist get a full picture or your oral health. Our on-site digital x-ray machine makes this a fast and easy procedure.

Does a nurse or dentist perform my dental treatment?

We have a dedicated team of dentists who perform the work with support from our dental nurses.  All dental cleaning procedures are carried out by dentists.

At what age should I start taking my child to see the dentist?

We recommend you start taking children to the dentist when they reach 12 months old, or 6 months after their first tooth erupts. The initial visit is very calm and friendly. For more info, please visit here.

Do you offer student and pension discounts? 

Yes, at MC Dental we offer a 15% discount to students and pensioners who do not have private health insurance. This offer is valid seven days a week. Please show your student or pension card at reception.