Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure today. There are two main methods of teeth whitening - in office whitening and take-home kits. The two methods can be combined to maximize the whitening effect.

What causes discoloured or stained teeth?

Both lifestyle factors and structural tooth faults can contribute to stained teeth, including:

Natural aging of teeth
Bacterial pigments
Food and/or drink (such as coffee, tea, wine and food colouring)
Certain antibiotics

Get whiter teeth in one hour with MC Dental.

At MC Dental we use the Zoom!™ In-Office Whitening System - a revolutionary tooth whitening procedure. It's safe, effective and fast, and in just over an hour, your teeth will be dramatically whiter. Zoom!™ Whitening is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results.

The convenience of Zoom!™ in comparison to days of wearing trays and gradual whitening makes it the perfect choice for busy individuals. About one fifth of patients experience heightened tooth sensitivity after whitening (especially after in-office whitening). However, this is highly dependent on individual tooth condition.