Discoloured teeth

The discolouration of teeth unfortunately occurs gradually over time, but thankfully dentists today have the technology to restore your teeth to their natural colour. While structural faults in the teeth can cause discolouration, controllable lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking coffee and red wine, taking antibiotics, and eating coloured foods definitely have a big impact on the brightness of your smile.

How to treat teeth discoloured teeth

There are a number of different ways to treat teeth discolouration, including the popular teeth whitening system, composite bonding, and veneers. The best way to decide which option is best for you is to talk to your dentist and seek advice specific to your individual condition.

Teeth whitening is probably the most common and well known option for treating discoloured teeth, which works by bleaching the teeth. While there are a number of reputable at-home whitening kits available, it is recommended to have a professional teeth whitening procedure done by your dentist.

Composite bonding is a procedure that involves having dental composite material sculpted onto your original teeth to cover up any discolouration. It’s also used to treat other dental concerns. As it looks just like tooth enamel, the result is completely natural.

Veneers are thin coverings that encase the entire front of the tooth and are bonded in place. They are used to treat severe tooth discoloration, as well as other dental problems. There are two types of veneers to choose from – composite or porcelain veneers.


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First published: 06 November 2014

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