Dr Jessie Jia

Dr. Jessie Jia

BDsc Hons (Qld)
Professional Summary of Dr Jessie Jia

Dr Jessie Jia was raised in Canberra and graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours. She worked in regional Queensland prior to relocating to Melbourne.

Jessie enjoys all aspects of general dentistry but has a keen interest for cosmetic dentistry and preventative dentistry and puts an emphasis of patient education, so all her patients have the knowledge and capability to maintain their teeth for life.

She welcomes anxious patients and strives to make everyone’s visit a friendly and relaxed experience.

In her own words

Being very thorough and detail oriented, my interest lies with restorative dentistry specifically focusing on minimally invasive techniques to rebuild weakened teeth.

I love to educate patients on what is going on in their mouths, all their options and how they can look after their teeth so they can last for the rest of their lives. I consider myself enthusiastic and upbeat. I’m great at putting even the most anxious patients at ease.

Loving your teeth

Customer service is as important in dentistry as it is anywhere else. You want your patients to be happy with not only the work you do but also their experience.

This requires a complete understanding of what the patient wants and what they need. It’s about delivering an outcome that meets the patient’s expectations and leaves the patient’s oral health in a better place.

Building a strong patient-dentist relationship

It is also important to not only effectively communicate to the patient, but also to your team. This means that every appointment flows well, and we are able to provide the best treatment possible when patients need it.

When you visit MC Dental, there are a few things that you can do to make the most of your appointment. Try to communicate your concerns, listen to advice and build a relationship with your dentist.

I love that I get to meet so many different people from all walks of life!

It’s great to ask questions if you don’t understand something, and of course, to brush your teeth well twice a day (and don’t forget to floss!)

The woman outside the dental practice

I enjoy strength training and fitness as it balances out how much I eat… I’m an amateur trying to make my way through a French patisserie cookbook, so I do a lot of baking.

Most days after work I like to take my focus off dentistry by going to the gym and exerting myself physically. I’ve also got a constant rotation of TV shows that I binge on a regular basis.


Quick Profile

Name:Dr. Jessie Jia

Address: Melbourne Central

Degree BDsc Hons (Qld)