Fancy a set of horse-shoes with your tooth extraction?

Well, we hope your answer is a firm “No thanks!” But back before modern dentistry, it wasn’t uncommon to have dental extractions performed by blacksmiths, barbers and wigmakers. As you begin to ponder the effectiveness of blacksmiths switching between horse shoes and dentition, let us point out that these guys weren’t experts in effective pain relief.

Their dental tools were primitive at best and a simple extraction could result in a lot more damage. Think broken jaw. We won’t scare you with the details, but suffice to say, things have come a LONG WAY.

Modern dental clinics like MC Dental, are relaxing, worry-free and very importantly –clean! Our equipment is state of the art and our team of highly trained professionals put patients at ease.

If you think dental patients have it pretty good now, the future of dentistry is even more exciting. Researchers talk about regrowing teeth from patient stem-cells. The concept of growing teeth is still in its infancy, but in twenty years from now the notion of modern dentistry could look very different to how it appears today.

Computer technology also continues to support innovations in dentistry. Digital xrays enable a higher quality of care and better imaging, whilst tooth restoration is made considerably more accurate with modern computer equipment.

At MC Dental we adopt the best technologies available to our industry to provide an exceptional patient experience. You can book an appointment at the clinic by phoning 8608 8968.

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Created: 8 July 2015