Do you care for your child's baby teeth?

Put simply, baby teeth matter. Baby teeth play an essential role in helping a child learn to eat and speak properly. They also prepare the way for adult teeth. But as soon as baby teeth emerge they’re at risk of decay so it’s really important that parents and caregivers take care of a child’s teeth.

Some children leap at the chance to brush their teeth, especially if they like to copy Mum and Dad. For these parents it’s easy to channel their child’s enthusiasm into a regular brushing habit.

But what can you do if your child practically climbs the wall at the mere sight of a toothbrush? Lots of parents have found themselves in the unhappy situation of a face-off with a reluctant brusher. Tears and tantrums are no fun for anyone, but help is at hand from those who have won the battle.

The following list of handy tips come straight from the Australian Dental Association:

  1. Consider a battery-powered tooth brush, which adds novelty to cleaning their teeth.
  2. Sing nursery rhymes or play a favourite song while you help your child brush their teeth.
  3. Offer a reward every time your toddler allows you to brush for two minutes.
  4. Encourage your child to practise teeth cleaning (under your supervision) to instil good oral hygiene habits in them from an early age. Some toddlers like to be independent so it is a good idea for them to use one toothbrush while you use another one and take turns at brushing.
  5. Make flossing and brushing as much fun as you can to avoid any negative association or resistance. Be sure to talk to your dentist if you need more advice.
  6. Remember, persistence tends to pay off, with toddlers learning to accept that brushing is part of their regular routine and an important practice for staying healthy. Even when a child is finally cooperative with a brushing routine, it’s still essential for an adult to be on hand, as some experts believe that children are unable to properly brush their teeth until age 8.

If you’re having trouble with your child’s dental routine or if you have a concern about dental development, please call MC Dental on 8608 8968.

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Created: 11 August 2015